Nils Vermeulen - Double Bass
Jan Daelman - Flute
Thijs Troch - Piano
Elias Devoldere - Drums



KABAS is flute player Jan Daelman, pianist Thijs Troch, bassist Nils Vermeulen and percussionist Elias Devoldere. These four impro-youngsters are fearless in their search for sound and interaction. They improvise in the moment and try to create compositions without limiting their selves to fixed structures or themes. The members of KABAS are also active and visible in many other projects. Jan Daelman and Thijs Troch are known as the duo Keenroh, they recently received a lot of attention with their Keenroh XL project. Together with bass player Nils Vermeulen they are part of Residuum Free Unit, a project with drone-specialist Dirk Serries on guitar and drummer Sigfried Burroughs. Troch and Vermeulen, together with Burroughs on drums, also form the trio Jukwaa, which just released its second album Harbinger Of Imminent Ruin. Drummer Elias Devoldere is best known for his role in bands such as Nordmann, John Ghost and Hypochristmutreefuzz.



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