Jan Daelman - fluit
Thijs Troch - piano



In Keenroh flutist Jan Daelman and pianist Thijs Troch look for an environment where their improvisations can develop unlimitedly towards spontaneous but full-blown compositions. Their unusual line-up and the experimental way in which the duo approached their instruments let them produce a unique range of sounds that often serve as the starting point for their improvisational concepts. The ideas that form the basis of the music of this duo are organically resulted from a musical and extra-musical interaction that has been developing rapidely during the recent years between the two musicians. They are the result of a common thinking that is characterized by a cross-standard approach as often the mathematical nature of jazz music and the presence of a tradition that is rooted in jazz and free jazz.
Keenroh recently won the Young Jazz Talent Ghent 2014, competition for promising young bands organised yearly by the Gent Jazz Festival. Chairman of the Jury Simon Korteweg tells us why: "Immediately after the birth of jazz , Louis Armstrong already proved that playing duets can lead to breathtaking musi , we think the duo Keenroh posses the talent and perseverance to give this kind of music making an exciting and contemporary interpretation”. 



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