Keenroh + Lytton + Gebruers


Seppe Gebruers - Electronics 
Jan Daelman - Flute
Thijs Troch - Piano
Paul Lytton - Drums



A project where Keenroh and Seppe Gebruers invite British percussionist Paul Lytton for an electro-acoustic adventure. The unique interaction between acoustic improvisation and the electronic processing creates new and exciting music.

Paul Lytton has been on the forefront of improvised music since the late sixties together with Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy, Paul Lovens, … His unique and constantly evolving musical language makes him one of the greatest musicians of this time.

Seppe Gebruers' role is surprising and extraordinary. He will be recording the acoustic sound of every musician (flute, piano and percussion) and will instantly process these sounds through a string of electronic devices. The output of this is transmitted through different speakers who are set up throughout the space to communicate with the other improvisers...



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