Keenroh XL


Jan Daelman - Flute
Thijs Troch - Piano
Bart Maris - Trumpet
Marti Melia - Clarinet & Bassclarinet
Ruben Verbruggen - Altosax & Baritonsax
Thomas Jillings - Tenorsax & Alto Clarinet
Niels Van Heertum - Euphonium
Laurens Smet - Electric Bass
Teun Verbruggen - Drums & Electronics



Keenroh XL is a 9-piece band in which Daelman and Troch surround themselves with musicians active in bands such as : Flat Earth Society, Ifa Y Xango, Linus, Os Meus Shorts, Jef Neve, Moker, ...
Initially the 'XL'-project was a collaboration with the prominent Belgian composers Kris Defoort, Ben Sluijs, Jozef Dumoulin and Bo Van Der Werf who each composed music for this particular nonet. This project had its climax on the main stage of the Gent Jazz Festival 2015.

During the evolution of this project the XL-formation created a highly personal, specific character and a unique group-sound, which roots in the interaction between the distinct personalities of the musicians. This distinct identity is exactly what the band wanted to present on this album.
The new album 'Keenroh XL' (el NEGOCITO Records, 2015) consists of a mix of compositions and improvisations with a sound that reconciles acoustic and electronic music.
The compositions Eukarist (Daelman/Troch), Doel IV (Troch) and Log (Troch) were interpreted on the spot, for the first time, during the recording sessions and are recognizable centroids when listening to the music.

The album was recorded in La Chapelle Studios in September of 2015. It was mixed and mastered in October by Christophe Albertijn, Troch and Daelman in Les Atelier Claus. The official release, on the el NEGOCITO Records label, coincides with the beginning of Keenroh XL's Jazzlab tour on November 12th 2015.



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